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Bringing You Liquid Staking & Unlocking Defi On The Bittensor Network

What Is Rivus DAO?

Rivus DAO is a cryptocurrency protocol that aims to unlock DeFi on AI protocols/ecosystems by offering LSD services to blockchains such as Bittensor. Like Lido Finance, Rivus DAO offers a liquid staking solution through rsTAO, in which users can earn staking rewards while staying on the Ethereum Network. Earning rewards on digital assets becomes quite accessible through liquid staking derivatives. There are many benefits of introducing a Liquid Staking Token (LST) for TAO such as it can be used as collateral in DeFi activities and at the same time earn stakes for it. In the future, rsTAO will become an acceptable collateral to lending/borrowing platforms like AAVE among other giants in the sector.

Accessibility and Ease

Liquid staking derivatives offer a significant advantage in the TAO ecosystem by streamlining the staking process. Users can avoid the complexities of running a private validator or the need to bridge assets for staking on the Bittensor network. Thanks to Rivus DAO, it's now possible to participate in TAO staking rewards seamlessly within the Ethereum network.

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